7 Cheap Ways To Market Your Business

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In-expensive Marketing Methods

Acquiring new customers can prove difficult for any business, but can be especially problematic for those that are newly established. When starting your own business, a big budget for advertising and getting your brand out there and known is a luxury unavailable to the majority of fresh, new and upcoming entrepreneurs. Although having cash to splash on fancy eye-catching adverts helps to spread the word about your product/service and drum up business, it is not the end of the world if you don’t have those kind of funds available to you at your fingertips. There are ways to market your business without breaking the bank. Below are seven low-cost / cost effective – and even FREE!!! – methods of advertising:

  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Website with Local SEO
  • Business Cards
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Create Local Awareness
  • Displaying Reviews

Social Media

Social media is a great advertising tool in the modern world, and best of all it’s absolutely FREE!! With a combined 3 Billion users worldwide, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide the perfect platform to promote your business to a huge network of potential customers (on a global scale). Simple and easy to use, social media allows you to communicate with a world of potential customers at the same time. For more professional use – LinkedIn.

Email Marketing

Another method of advertising with no cost is email marketing, which has proven to be one of the most effective digital marketing tools available to small (and large) businesses, and is also incredibly easy to implement. It can help bring in new customers and also keep current customers updated with new information and offers. An easy way to stay in contact with everyone, it helps to build a community centred around your business. While there is the option of hiring an agency or marketing consultant to develop an email campaign, there are also free services that allow you to do it yourself with very little hassle.

Website with Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Promote your business online with a product focused website – an online presence can greatly increase your consumer base, making you viewable and accessible from the comfort of home, as well as taking your business on a national and global scale. A website is a place where you can portray your company in any way you’d like, offering your best deals in order to gain custom. Local SEO promotions increases your online visibility by improving your rankings on search engines for customers searching within your local area.

Business Cards

Small and cheap to produce – a business card allows you to pass on your company information in a short and concise manner. Leave them in shops, restaurants, pubs etc.

Flyer Distribution

Similar to business cards, flyers and posters are a great way to advertise your business/company and are fairly cheap to produce. A concise way to get across all relevant information. Post them through letterboxes – post them in shop windows or on notice boards etc. At a small cost flyers can be distributed along with local papers.

Create Local Awareness

This is particularly effective for trade and local businesses. Allows you to reach people near to your business. Small steps – conquer your local area before you take on the world.

Displaying Reviews

You’ve helped them, now it’s their turn to help you. Positive feedback from happy, satisfied customers is a great promotional device – it illustrates a competent company and proves you can be trusted and do a great job! Seeing other people/companies/customers satisfied with your work can give any potential new customer the peace of mind and confidence that your company is the right choice. Key to this is having somewhere to display your reviews – i.e a website.

Besides the low cost what is great about all these methods is that they aren’t hugely time consuming – key to those who are self-employed and running all aspects of the business (when resources – time and money – are limited).

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