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Review Lead Generation Software

From £25.00

Our review generation software fits seamlessly into your website so you can caputure 5 star reviews from your users. We even direct the user to Facebook, Google or any other review site you'd like to boost your ranking on that site. Furthermore if the review is a negative one, that will be sent to you rather than a review platform, meaning you don't get any bad reviews from this.

Increased 5 Star Ratings

The more 5 star ratings you have, the more likely people will choose your company.

Build A Stream of Reviews

Start a stream of reviews coming in each week/month.

More Feedback

Get negative feedback sent to you, rather than on a review.

When it comes to conducting business over the internet, reviews are like gold dust. Since your customers can't speak with you in person or hold your products in their hands, reviews show your audience that you're a trustworthy, reliable and professional company that they can buy from.

The way our review generation works is we upload our custom software to your website in order to capture reviews from your users. If they're sending positive feedback we'll get them to enter the review on Google or Facebook, where as if it's negative it will be sent to you via email.