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Complete Google Analytics

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In order to maximise your business strategy and rewards, site analytics will give you the background information you need in order to see where you should be targeting, what audience are currently visiting your site and much more, giving you the information you need in order to gain the maximum return from your advertising and other campaigns.

Real Time Data

See when people are on your website in real time

Results Graphs

See increases in traffic or percentages of users with charts and graphs

Weekly Reports

See how your website is doing with our weekly performance reports

We use Google's analytics to embed high quality code into your website, allowing us to the track your website's performance and interaction with users.

Once we've embedded the code we will start to measure your advertising return of investment as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Using the data recorded from your website we can look at areas where you and your website are excelling with users. We can also identify areas where you aren't and we will then provide solutions for these.

You will also recieve weekly reports generated from the data collected from your site, these will show you an in depth look at what users are looking at on your site alongside user data (all displayed in user friendly graphics).

Feature Specification
Dashboard For viewing data Yes
Reports Once Per Week
Site updates Yes
Free Installation Yes
Full UK Customer Support Yes